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Jay Gambetta


Jay M. Gambetta

IBM Fellow and Vice President of IBM Quantum


Dr. Jay M. Gambetta is the Vice President in charge of IBM’s overall Quantum initiative. He was named as an IBM Fellow in 2018 for his leadership in advancing superconducting quantum computing and establishing IBM’s quantum strategy to bring quantum computing to the world, and to make the world quantum safe.


Under his leadership, IBM was first to demonstrate a cloud-based quantum computing platform; a platform that has grown to become the predominant quantum service utilized by 575,000 users to run over 3 trillion quantum circuits. These users include 287 members of the IBM Quantum Network, representing forward-thinking academic, industry, and governmental organizations focused on building a quantum-native ecosystem. IBM Quantum continues to expand in the market by providing Quantum as a Service utilizing the IBM Quantum System One and Two series of devices with over 20 quantum systems available online, building the foundations of the quantum industry. In addition, he was responsible for the creation and early development of Qiskit; the leading open-source quantum computing software development kit, allowing users to build, optimize, and execute quantum circuits on hardware from a multitude of quantum service providers.

Dr. Gambetta received his Ph.D. in Physics from Griffith University in Australia. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, IEEE Fellow, and has over 130 publications in the field of quantum information science with over 37,000 citations.

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