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Jay Gambetta


Harnessing Utility for Quantum Advantage

Jay Gambetta

IBM Fellow and Vice President of IBM Quantum

With a multitude of quantum demonstrations on 100+ qubits, quantum computing is now firmly in the era of utility where quantum computers can serve as a scientific tool to explore a new scale of problems that classical methods may not be able to solve. This scale, combined with algorithmic advances, is fundamental to enabling quantum advantage; the point where quantum computers can faithfully run one of more tasks providing business or scientific value with more accuracy, efficiently, or cost-effectiveness than with classical computation alone.


In this talk, we will highlight the progress in both quantum hardware and software that allow for computing observables on ~100 qubits within a reasonable time-budget on present-day devices.  We then turn to the IBM Quantum road map, and how the technological improvements therein open up new opportunities not only for large-scale applications utilizing error-mitigation, but also pave the way toward future error corrected systems within the next decade.

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