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Taeyoung Choi


Phase modulated Quantum gates in a trapped-ion system


Taeyoung Choi

Department of Physics, Ewha Womans University, Seoul 03760, Republic of Korea


In recent years, understanding, controlling, and utilizing quantum systems have been one of major research interests across fields of physics, chemistry, and material science. Among various physical platforms, the trapped ion system has been one of successful architectures for coherent quantum control and has demonstrated key ingredients such as high-fidelity single qubit and two qubit entangling gate for quantum computation and simulation. In this platform, the quantum entanglement is mediated by controlling motional modes between the ions. However, as the number of ions increases, its motional modes become complicated and create unwanted crosstalk and qubit-motion entanglement. Here, I will discuss necessity of the laser pulse shaping to achieve high fidelity entanglement of two adjacent qubits, including other modulation approaches. In addition, I will share our recent progress of the experimental setup and research projects such as magnetometry and microwave pulse shaping in a chain of Yb171 ion qubits. In summary, I will discuss implementing these pulse shaping and modulation technique is a necessary step toward scalable quantum entanglement and computation.

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